Ministers eye ‘bad bank’ to stop firms going under

538prom精品视频在线播放 Rescued companies could exchange their debt for giving the Government a share of their business

The Government is mulling plans to take stakes in rescued companies through a “bad bank” in proposals reminiscent of the 2008 financial crisis.

538prom精品视频在线播放UK Government Investments (UKGI), the Treasury’s steward of investments in Natwest during the last crisis, is leading on the plans and is in talks with investment bankers.

538prom精品视频在线播放Among the plans are talks for an asset resolution scheme, a bad bank similar to the one set up by Labour to manage the remnants of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley, the Sunday Times reported. Another proposal is for a sovereign wealth fund.

A so-called bad bank is a financial institution, often backed by the state, specialising in holding and dealing with bad debts. UKGI was formed from the Shareholder Executive, which held government stakes in state-backed companies, and UK Financial Investments, which was set up in 2008 and managed the Government’s shares in bailed-out banks including RBS.

538prom精品视频在线播放Sources said UKGI was coordinating with the Treasury across multiple sectors amid fears many previously viable businesses faced bankruptcy, although the plans remained at an early stage.

The Treasury has been looking at how to plug gaps in businesses that might not qualify for existing loan schemes. Future bailouts could see the Government demanding preference shares in exchange for cash. The Treasury and UKGI declined to comment.

Rothschild, the family-owned investment bank, has so far been leading on plans for the aviation sector.

UKGI could also engage its own advisers drawn from its panel of banks, which includes Citigroup, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

The Government has so far tried to steer clear of mass nationalisations. Its business support schemes have leaned on debt through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme538prom精品视频在线播放 and subsidising wages through the furlough scheme. In total, businesses have received £15bn in government-backed loans and emergency support.

However, officials are concerned that thousands of once healthy businesses will be saddled with government debt. City figures have been working on plans that could see this debt convert into equity.

“The increasing view is that a significant equity vehicle is needed alongside debt restructuring,” a source said.

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