Why a staycation straw hat deserves a spot at the top of your summer shopping list

538prom精品视频在线播放 We may not be strolling around piazzas or sipping cocktails by the pool any time soon, but with the right hat we can still believe…

straw hats erdem Jacquemus spring summer
Straw hats galore: Erdem spring/summer 2020, Ursula Andress in 1962, and Jacquemus spring/summer 2020 Credit: Getty Images / Rex Features

Surveying the contents of my wardrobe used to make me smile – so many dresses to wear, so many adventures yet to be lived. But now, when the day’s greatest suspense concerns what to make for lunch, all adventures requiring dressy dresses are on hold.

So they just hang there and mope, watching me cycle through jeans and peasant tops, linen jumpsuits and a couple of nightgown-y cotton shifts. The components of my lockdown look do vary day-to-day, except for the one constant I never saw coming: a straw hat.

Not that I’m usually a hat person. Before our new normal, I only ever remembered that I even owned a summer hat the night before going on a beach holiday. I’d launch a frantic search and eventually fish out an old, crushed, dusty model from under the bed, brush it off and tell myself it would have to do.

Wide-brimmed straw hat, £29, ; Sun hat, £29.99,

This year, a run of sunny days in the garden may be as close as we get to a holiday (let’s call it Hot Garden Summer). And all our recent rays have me convinced that a new hat is the essential accessory for 2020.

I’m not talking about a borrowed, sweat-stained baseball cap. Nor am I suggesting any at-home Ascot-level millinery. What I have in mind is the kind of unfussy yet romantic hat that wouldn’t be out of place on a heroine from an Austen adaptation or Merchant Ivory film (Helena Bonham Carter in A Room with a View provides excellent hat-spiration).

The right hat is the difference between a rushed sandwich between Zoom calls and a tea party on the patio. It turns garden chores into a genteel gardening hobby, daily exercise into a promenade. Plus, your dermatologist will thank you for wearing one.

Raffia, £228, ; Straw, £19.99, ; Beaulieu boater,  £295, ; Raffia, £65, ; Wide-brim,  £69, ; Straw, £270,

538prom精品视频在线播放Maybe it’s all the period drama I’ve been streaming, but the hat of my dreams (and of my online shopping searches) is wide-brimmed, with a thick black grosgrain ribbon to secure it under my chin. I’ve found options with the desired drama quotient from Lola Hats, & Other Stories, Mango and Spanish brand Eliurpi.

Your ideal hat could be different – a foldable fedora, ready to travel (as soon as it’s permitted). Or something with an unfinished brim, for that ‘just taking a nap in my hammock’ vibe. Or how about Simon Porte Jacquemus’s raffia Valensole hat? First shown on a catwalk unfurled through a lavender field in Provence, it would be just as suited to a balcony or back garden in the UK.

538prom精品视频在线播放Whatever your dream hat, it’s out there. Find it, and let Hot Garden Summer begin.

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