How to create a tropical holiday vibe at home

538prom精品视频在线播放 Not going away this year? Take inspiration from the London house of art dealer Maria Vega, and bring the holiday to you

The main salon features a colourful painting by Carlos Jacanamijoy, with chalk artworks by Ivan Rickenmann to either side. Maria picked up the bronze palm trees at Lots Road Auctions, the round table is from Habitat and the velvet chairs are from Alfies. A mirror high up on the wall provides a different angle on the artworks. Credit: INGRID RASMUSSEN

The bright, beautiful Notting Hill home of Spanish-born art dealer Maria Vega proves that colour, pattern and well-chosen accessories can have a totally tropical impact on an interior, wherever it happens to be. The house, which doubles as a gallery space for her art collection, has the feel of an eclectic salon – contemporary in style, set over several floors, and furnished with interesting pieces that Maria picks up from auctions and antique shops. Although it is filled with colour, the walls throughout are entirely white, so every picture and piece of furniture pops.

In normal, non-lockdown times, Maria is an extensive traveller and collects the art that informs her bold interior from all over the world: she is the founder of , which she describes as a ‘moveable art gallery’ that stages exhibitions and talks in different places, depending on the artist and artworks. Many of the creatives she has met along the way have become her friends, and – before social distancing – she was known for throwing fabulous parties, for which her home provides the perfect backdrop.

Maria with one of her pieces by Katy Lynton Credit: INGRID RASMUSSEN
In the dining room, a digital print by Marco Walker is flanked by charcoal works by Ivan Rickenmann; the table and chairs are from Gallery 25. Credit: INGRID RASMUSSEN

‘I love hosting friends and dancing here, but I also spend a lot of time reading and researching new artists. Work and pleasure are very interconnected in the arts,’ she says. ‘Art is my passion. It always gives you something back; you can revisit it any time. A good piece of art is the one that you can meditate over again and again. The pieces I choose are very close to my heart and definitely reflect my style.’

538prom精品视频在线播放Jungle paintings by Carlos Jacanamijoy and vibrant, colourful landscapes by Katy Lynton have created a tropical vibe, reinforced by striking bronze palm trees. The exotic palette of mustard and forest green that appears in the velvet upholstery and glass coffee table of her sitting room is echoed by the headboard and cushions upstairs in the bedroom, and the leafy plants dotted throughout. The antiques shops of Lots Road are where Maria likes to look for furniture and accessories to complement her collection.

The kitchen artworks are by Mario Velez, and the jars are from Alfies (as before).    Credit: INGRID RASMUSSEN
Maria’s bright headboard is from Sueno; the painting is also by Mario Velez. Credit: INGRID RASMUSSEN

538prom精品视频在线播放‘The most important thing is to choose pieces that are both vibrant and Zen,’ is her advice when looking for artworks; as she has shown here, strong colour can still be calming. ‘I like to open up the rooms with mirrors to reflect the artworks at different angles,’ she says.

538prom精品视频在线播放‘I’m also learning to respect good Feng Shui,’ she adds, referring to the ancient Chinese practice of creating a harmonious environment by understanding how people are affected by their surroundings. ‘With inspiring art and tropical plants, you don’t need much more.’ 

 Clockwise: Palm-leaf floor lamp, £365,; Metal sign, £38, ; Abhika Dike side tables, £335 for set of two, ; Matteo bar stool, £109, ; Bloomsbury velvet sofa, £2,249,

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