I turned my flat into a hotel for the night and it was the highlight of lockdown

Sometimes, all it takes is a candle, a face mask and room service to turn the week around

Lucille Ball has breakfast in bed at the Hilton Hotel, 1955. 
Lucille Ball has breakfast in bed at the Hilton Hotel, 1955.  Credit: Getty Images

Week seven of lockdown was my breaking point. It was two months since I had suffered and recovered from suspected Covid-19, yet my body was still drearily fighting post viral fatigue. Working from my one bedroom Richmond apartment, the days and weeks had merged into one blurry continuum.

538prom精品视频在线播放I was, as so many others are, in desperate need of revitalisation and a change of scene. My muscles felt wound up and tense, and my head was crying out for respite - for the cogs to halt, even for a moment. 

A holiday would usually do the trick, but obviously that’s not possible538prom精品视频在线播放. With my partner, a key worker, on late shift the Thursday night before the bank holiday (and a little help from Mauli and 111Skin products delivered from friends at the ) I decided to spend the evening pretending I was in a luxury hotel. 

Many of us are in desperate need of revitalisation and a change of scene Credit: Getty Images

Work and end-of-the-day workout wrapped up, I flipped the bath tap, threw in a generous mound of Mauli Himalayan healing salts and oils and lit my favourite Diptyque Paris en Fleur candle. When I returned 10 minutes later, the bathroom was a haze of hot steam. The swirling scent of rose blended with the therapeutic oils and suddenly my whole environment had changed pace and feel. 

538prom精品视频在线播放With a bottle of water and a glass of Provence rosé within reach on the side table, I luxuriated in my home-made spa for the best part of an hour, with the 111Skin anti-blemish cellulose face mask on in case the rest wasn’t already enough.

538prom精品视频在线播放I took the time to delve into the French novel Belles Amours, which was written by an old family friend Agnès Chabrier (also known as Daniel Gray) who I’ve been trying to research more.

111Skin anti-blemish cellulose face mask

The instructions on the salts suggested not rinsing them off but wrapping up in a towel and letting the healing effects take place. Mimicking the final stages of so many top spa treatments, I folded myself into the largest, fluffiest towel I own and lay down on a yoga mat for some time.

My muscles released and I felt weightless. It helps not to get self-conscious about these things and embrace the process. I must have been a sight to behold, swaddled in a bundle on the floor, feeling cured. 

Nothing makes an indulgent hotel night in like great room service. Freshly ironed pyjamas on, Deliveroo would have to do. Twenty minutes after ordering, a delivery from my local Italian restaurant arrived on my doorstep and I tucked into a buffalo mozzarella pizza, feeling properly nourished after my lengthy 'spa' experience. 

"I tucked into a buffalo mozzarella pizza, feeling properly nourished after my lengthy 'spa' experience" Credit: Getty Images

I finished the evening off with a Chanel manicure in the calming, nude pink shade Daydream and an episode of Dynasty. Padding off to bed, I sprayed my pillow with Mauli’s sleep dharma pillow mist - a therapeutic blend that claims to invite tranquility and a harmonious dream state.

I can’t tell you much more. The next thing I knew it was Friday morning and I was waking up to glorious sunshine. 

538prom精品视频在线播放The benefits of taking time to treat yourself, if you can, have never been more evident. By slowing things down and adding a few perks to the mix, I managed to take a mental and physical vacation from the safety of my own London apartment.

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